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Friday Night at Vancouver Fashion Week

Friday Night up Vancouver Fashion Week
Friday Night up Vancouver Fashion Week

Well, the second night of Vancouver Fashion Week 2010 did not disappoint. There were lots of beautiful looks sent down the runway in a flawless show that was full of lights and sounds. Here are my highlights of the night.

First up was Lav and Kush. "In Hindu mythology, Lav & Kush are the royal twins born to lord Ram and their earth mother, Sita. They were raised in the forest and became the protector of the woods, and represented music, beauty and strength. Playful yet protective warriors, these two demi gods were lovable and inspirational to all." (Text taken from All the looks that Lav and Kush sent down the runway were well constructed, with a great attention to detail. They had beautiful accessories, including a gorgeous enamel flowered bracelet that I loved!!! My favorite part of the show was the black pencil skirt with shirring on the side. A great update on a classic staple.

Next up was Red Jade, whose motto is "Love, Laugh, Play & Wear Red Jade".......Don't mind if I do! The first look down the runway were gorgeous wide-legged trousers, a personal favorite of mine. It can be hard to create a beautiful line in a wide leg trouser, but Red Jade nailed it. They had interesting uses of shapes and silhouettes and used a lot of drapey fabrics, which can be tricky to work with. But Red Jade did an impressive job.

Third up was Eva Chen with her line; Juan Eva. Her ecclectic mix of textures and fabrics were genius! My favorite was a velvet dress with a fur sleeve...see what I mean? GENIUS! It  had a beautiful fit, not always an easy feat with velvet, and was beautiful. She showed great fashionable pieces that were semi-couture-ish, my favorite mix! She had a wonderful use of accessories and my favorite accessories of the night: a huge feathered headband. Who doesn't love a good over-sized headband once in a while?

Next up was Niche, a boutique in Vancouver that sells a range of designers. The pieces they presented last night were a mix of ecclectic prints and accessories. They had some Vivianne Westwood pieces that went down the runway, and those were easily identifiable! They were a lot more riskier than some of the other pieces presented earlier, which comes with her age and status in the fashion world.

Lastly down the runway were The Trues with a collection called Contrast and Orange by Angela Chan. Hers was a great, solid collection that mixed pieces that were completely wearable with pieces that were completely fashion-forward. She had a great mix of fabrics and her draping and fit was superb.

Please click here to see photos from the Opening Night Gala and the proceeding shows. Please be patient, all the photos from all the shows will be up shortly. All photos credits go to YiHeng Su.



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