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Friday Market Alerts: Two calls for submissions of interactive fiction

These two publishers want your help in offering compelling interactive fiction experiences to their subscribers.
These two publishers want your help in offering compelling interactive fiction experiences to their subscribers.
Choice of Games LLC, SilkWords

This week's edition of the Friday Market Alerts features two publishers looking for submissions of a very non-standard sort: the choose-you-own-adventure style story, where the reader is given the chance to make decisions that effect the outcome of the tale.

First off, we have SilkWords, a website offering "short, interactive romance and erotica in an upscale reading environment to subscribers worldwide." Subscribers can read--or perhaps "play through" is the better term--these narratives on their website via personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Stories offered run the gamut of "heat levels." New ones will be offered every week.

SilkWords offers a "base pay" of $500 (negotiable based on author experience) for stories between 15,000 and 20,000 words long (including all story branches). Stories should have strong characters and settings that hook the reader and encourage them to explore the different choices available. At least one ending (but not necessarily all of them) should be a "happily ever after." None of the explicit/adult/graphic content should appear before the first choice point, since that's where the adult content warning is going to go.

You are asked to initially submit a proposal rather than the whole manuscript. Your proposal will consist of a minimum 1,000-word sample containing all content up to the first choice point and a paragraph or two beyond, plus all proposed choice points.

See submission guidelines for a full description of what SilkWords is looking for as well as detailed proposal submission instructions.

Your Examiner heard about SilkWords via Cindi Myers's Market News Blog, bringing you the latest market news concerning a wide variety of genres every other week or so.

Next, Choice of Games LLC is looking for writers to create interactive novels and multiple-choice games, "like 'choose a path' gamebooks, but longer, deeper, and richer." They have developed a simple programming language called ChoiceScript in which these will be written. The resulting interactive text-based games will be available on their website, as downloadable apps for multiple platforms, and on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

There are two ways you can work with Choice of Games LLC: as a contracted writer paid in advance ("Choice of Games" label), or as a self-published writer receiving a 25% cut of the revenue ("Hosted Games" label).

Anyone can participate in the Hosted Games project; just email in your ChoiceScript text and a cover art image. Choice of Games LLC will check your submission over to make sure it's readable, that it runs on their game engine without error, and that it doesn't infringe on other people's intellectual property. You retain full IP rights on your game, granting Choice of Games LLC an exclusive license to publish your game electronically.

Established authors interested in publishing under the Choice of Games label should email in their CVs. They're looking for experience in game-writing but are also happy to hear from you if your experience is primarily in plain old prose fiction. Send only your CV. Choice of Games LLC will contact you requesting your game ideas if they decide to move forward. Two different sets of terms are offered under the Choice of Games label, one of a $500 advance with 25% royalties thereafter and you retaining full IP rights, and one of a non-royalty-bearing $10,000 flat payment (in installments) by which Choice of Games LLC purchases all IP rights to the game from you.

See the call for submissions for complete submission details and description of terms.

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