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Friday Market Alerts: wants your report on emerging culture reports on emerging cultural trends, connections, and thought. They invite your contribution. reports on emerging cultural trends, connections, and thought. They invite your contribution.

This Friday, aside from being a rare full moon-enhanced Friday the 13th (garnished with a soupcon of solar flares), is one of those irregular Friday Market Alert Fridays which your Boulder Writing Examiner is trying to bring to you on more Fridays than not. Here's another new market you might wish to see publishing your writing. It's right in your neighborhood, too. On a survey of local and/or new writing groups in the neighborhood, your Examiner stumbled across...

Boulder Next Culture Writers
Current Population: 22 Writers
Upcoming Meetup: Saturday, July 19, 11:00 a.m.
at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe

We're launching an online magazine,, and we're looking for contributors. The meetup is about connecting with other local writers and discussing what's emerging in the arts, education, business, technology, activism, consciousness, relationship--pretty much anything that humans do. We're interested in reporting on, facilitating, and creating developments in culture that express our unity, rather than our divisiveness. This may lead to people writing articles but at the very least should be an interesting dialog on human potential.

The group just met for the first time about a week ago to "find out what inspires us in the emerging culture." The upcoming meetup on July 19 looks like it'll build on where that discussion left off, as participants will "discuss emerging culture, with a focus on the theme 'the adaptable mind.'"

We're hoping to develop article ideas for the online magazine, centered on the theme "the adaptable mind." Ideas could relate to any of the magazines categories, which include education, technology, relationship, arts, psychology, business, and much more.

Content at the online magazine is currently presented under a number of open-ended categories: Life, Eros, Power, Connection, Expression, Insight, Consciousness. Sidebar offerings include quotations to make you think, arcane words for you to learn, and a link to the forums where you can find good conversation. (Or will be able to find good conversation as the community grows.)

Recent articles include "Spiritual Integrity," a piece by Boulder author and publisher Connie Shaw taking a local spiritual teacher to task for obfuscating his connections with a previous teacher who has been accused of misconduct; and "Silent Disco Dance Party!," a feature posted by William Timothy Walker highlighting the Montreal chapter of Silent Disco Squad; and a brief overview of this year's Frozen Dead Guy Days, posted by Jeff Lycett.

This is not so much a professional paying market as a community reporting engine. The format is something like a multi-author blog. The format is still a little inconsistent, with some articles showing a clear author byline at the top of the page, others not giving the byline until the end of the article in terms of "posted by," and some not mentioning the author at all. (As a potential contributor, you'll probably want to hammer out details of attribution given and rights sought before you submit a piece for publication.) is a collaborative venture that's still discovering what it wants to be. Now is your chance to be part of its creation. Join the Boulder Next Culture Writers on and save the date of July 19 for a morning/afternoon of fascinating conversation and creativity.

Next Culture Network is an open collaboration of those who want to report on the emerging culture, or who want to facilitate that culture, or who are in the act of creating it.

You are invited.

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