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Friday Market Alerts: F&SF, Schoolbooks & Sorcery, Crossed Genres Magazine

Three markets currently looking for YOUR stories!
Three markets currently looking for YOUR stories!
F&SF, Michale M. Jones, Crossed Genres

A new month has just begun, so it's time for your Examiner to clean up her Fiction Submission Guidelines browser session, close all outdated tabs, and let you know about some exciting reading periods that have just opened up. Got a story of the science fiction or fantasy persuasion? Maybe it's a good fit for one of these markets...

Finlay to guest-edit two F&SF issues for release in 2015 - August is off to an exciting start for writers of commercial genre fiction. Author C.C. Finlay, who guest-edited a recent issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, has announced that he'll be editing two more--and we're currently in the 15-day reading period for the first of them. F&SF famously does not take electronic submissions, but, excitingly, Finlay does. So this is your chance to submit a story for consideration in one of the industry's premier markets without spending a dime on postage. Also it's your chance to get your writing in front of Finlay, who is a respected editor and an enthusiastic reader, and who is tremendously looking forward to discovering gems in this slush pile. For an idea of how his last reading period for F&SF went, check out his blog post "Nectar for Rejectomancers."

Click here for basic guidelines and submission portal. Pays 7-12 cents per word for stories up 10,000 words long. Deadline: August 15.

Michael M. Jones seeks YA urban fantasy for scholastic magic anthology - "Take high school. It’s weird, confusing, complicated, and frustrating. It’s a time of growth and change, when teens start discovering what they’re made of and who they want to be. Now throw in magic. What happens?" That's the question that author Michael M. Jones wants you to help him answer. He's putting together an anthology called Schoolbooks & Sorcery. He's looking to build a table of contents that spans the gamut of magical traditions, busts down the walls of traditional restricted gender roles, and embraces the full spectrum of sexuality and gender identification:

Stories are encouraged to take place in the overlapping area between urban fantasy, high school, and LGBTQ issues and themes. Stories should send the message that it’s not just okay to be gay, it’s okay to be gay and to have the same crazy, wicked, scary, seductive, exciting, magical, strange, funny, romantic, dark adventures as everyone else.

Read the call for submissions for the complete guidelines, technical details and submission instructions. Payment will be a minimum of 2 cents per word for stories from 2,000-7,000 words long; pay may rise depending on the results of a future Kickstarter. Deadline to submit: August 15.

Now entering Crossed Genres August reading period for issue #24, theme: DESTRUCTION - If you're not reading Crossed Genres Magazine, consider adding it to your regular reading list (and please consider subscribing!). This publication is on the forefront of speculative fiction, always on the look for material by new authors from, and writing about, diverse scenes, settings, cultures and characters. Each issue has a theme. Issue #24, slotted for publication in December, will feature the theme of DESTRUCTION.

Destruction isn’t just the apocalypse. It’s not only falling buildings and fractured ground. And destruction isn’t always an ending. Sometimes, it’s very personal. Sometimes it’s shared. Sometimes it’s an inevitable change. Destruction is really about transformation – it’s far more complicated than good or bad.

Click here for current call for submissions and all submission guidelines. Pays 6 cents per word for works with word length of minimu 1,000 and a firm maximum of 6,000. Deadline for DESTRUCTION theme is August 31. Themes for upcoming months' reading periods include INDOCTRINATE (Sept. 1-30), BETRAYAL (Oct. 1-31) and ENSEMBLE (Nov. 1-30).

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