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Friday is the skinniest you will be all week

Regular activity will keep your weight down
Regular activity will keep your weight down

A new report shows that Friday is the most likely day of the week that you will show signs of weight loss. The assumption is that you gain weight on weekends and lose weight throughout the week. This report was originally published late 2013, but became more publicly broadcasted on February 7, 2014.

While the assumption that you gain weight on weekends is correct, that does not dismiss the possibility that you will not gain weight on weekdays. There are many variables in everyone's lifestyles and schedules that can make this study non applicable to certain people. It does however, appear to be mostly correct based on the tested population.

If you are looking for a boost in confidence, Friday may be your day to step on the scale and gain the courage to move forward in you weight loss effort. The reason weekends can lead to higher weight gain is due to lower rates of calorie burn and higher rates of calorie intake. This can be easily averted by taking at least an hour out of your weekends for basic exercise and will at the same time bring you closer towards your weight loss goal.

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