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Friday: 'Citizen Koch' premieres at Gateway Film Center

After the Public Broadcasting System pulled its support of Citizen Koch to appease the Koch brothers, the documentary film was rescued by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Thousands of small donors contributed more to the film than the funding withheld by PBS.

The attempt to suppress Citizen Koch is an example of what the film is about: the undue influence of corporations and billionaires on elections and public discourse. David Koch has contributed $23 million to PBS, effectively muzzling the "public" media network.

Citizen Koch premieres on Friday, June 20 at the Gateway Film Center, 1550 North High Street in Columbus. More details and showtimes are available here.

"Most of Citizen Koch concentrates on the work of Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and his Republican-led legislature to weaken the power of public service employee unions," writes reviewer George Grella in Rochester City Newspaper.

"The movie traces the sources of the systemic corruption of wealth back to the infamous Citizens United decision of the blatantly biased, activist Supreme Court, which asserted that money equals speech, and therefore, presumably, rich contributors to political causes earn the right to more free speech than anyone else," Grella writes. "It suggests a concerted, long-ranging scheme to undermine the power of the people in favor of an oligarchy whose presence already exerts considerable influence in the present system."

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