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Frida Kahlo Art Toy Collection


Luis, cofounder of Favoritoys, began making these Art Toys as birthday gifts for his wife Frida who was named after the famous Mexican painter. This Frida inspires us to remember what she once said, “Beauty and ugliness are just a mirage because others end up seeing our inner selves.” Anyways, we might as well be ourselves as everybody else is already taken ;). Her unique style blends vivid color with composition which has been described as both surrealist and naive. But beyond her artwork, her life and the way she approached challenges that she faced has become an inspiration for millions of people around the world.

This new Frida is done with 3 D printing. It's a collection of 4 figurines. It's time for them to go into production. The rewards include stickers, magnets, T-shirts, toys, and a special collector's piece, an unpublished photo of Frita Kahlo.

Luis wants you to have these figures as a lucky charm, a reminder and a connection with Frida to find the creativity, the passion, the courage, the honor and dignity in every moment of your life just as she did. Place your Frida near you as a companion in life and let her inspiration guide you.

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