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Fresno to defer development fees

Map of Downtown Fresno
Map of Downtown Fresno
Fresno Convention and Visitors Bureau

In a vote approved Thursday by the Fresno City Council, developers in Fresno's downtown area recieved a much needed break  in the form of fee waivers for project and development fees. Such fees included charges for major infrastructure, such as roads and major streets, parks and recreation facilities, and public service entities. According to the Fresno Bee, the fee deferral covers an area lying between two local highways (Highways 41 and 99), Fresno and Divisidaro streets, an alley between L and M streets, and the Union Pacific railroad.

Any developer in that area can ask for the fee waiver for three years and then spread the payments over the next four years, so long as they recieve planning approval before June 30, 2011 and are issued permits before the same time in 2012.

This fee waiver will remove a large barrier to downtown redevelopment: a key issue to all members of the city government, including Mayor Ashley Swearingen and a high priority to the city council. Downtown redevelopment will enrich the area, breathing new life into a worn down area, and provide new outlets for tourism, events, and residents to enjoy their city.