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Fresno Running Fun Age Grading

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Running is amazing because you compete against no one but yourself. You may not be the fastest running but you can always get better and see yourself getting better quantitatively. You can also compare yourself with others. One great way of comparing yourself is age grading. Age grading is a system that was developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes. It has been in existance since 1989. They work by looking at world record performances by age and gender. An example is a 53 year old woman who is running 10 km. The world record is 35.01 so if a woman runs this in 45.18 and is 53 then she is graded at 77.3% which is 35.01 divided by 45.18. This allows you to have fun running and compare your run with a world record without feeling bad.

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Now remember that although this is great for helping you rank your running success on a run there are many reasons why someone may run faster or slower than one would expect based on the graded table. Some people may have a different lung volume which can affect their success. Additionally there are different body structures such as leg length and weight that can impact your speed in a run and your maximum speed.