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Fresno Hiking Running Shoes

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Hiking and running are some of the least expensive hobbies that someone can have. There is no membership fee. There is rarely an entrance or admission fee. The only fees you may have are the cost of entrance to a city, county, state or national park to hike or jog in. Fortunately in Fresno and the surrounding areas there are plenty of spots to hike and job with no parking, admission, or entrance fees.

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The main cost for this hobby is shoes. Shoes can get quite expensive. A cheap pair of shoes may be only $10 but need replacing in a week or two so run over $500 in a year. More expensive shoes, which don't always last longer can run over $300 a pair. The cost of shoes is not only in the shoes themselves. It is also in pain and medical cost of running in poorly padded, poorly fitted, or worn out shoes. The wrong shoes can contribute to blisters, knee problems and both leg and foot pains. As many know the cost of treatments for these, even over the counter treatments such as Salonpas and Icy Hot can get costly. This is why sometimes, even if it is more expensive initially, it can be cheaper in the long term to purchase your first pair of running shoes at a shoe store. These stores may have a bigger selection and be better able to help you find the perfect fit. After you have found a size, style and brand that works you can then often save money by purchasing this size, style and brand at over stock stores and discount stores in addition to online retail stores. Here are some local Fresno shoe options. These Fresno shoe stores based on personal experience offer great service, a great selection, and are great for jogging or hiking shoes.