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Fresno Hiking Easy Way In Pincushion Mountain

Sections are rocky so bring strong solid shoes
Sections are rocky so bring strong solid shoesLucinda Roth

Amazing hiking opportunities are near Fresno. This saves you money on gas driving to locations. The Pincushion Mountain trail is very close to Fresno. However you will definitely feel like you are not in Fresno anymore because it is very isolated. As you are on the trail you not only can not see Fresno you can on most areas not see any type of civilization. You reach this Fresno area trail by driving from Fresno toward Sky Harbour Road. This Fresno area trail is a bit of a loop.

Varies from dry and boring to fun and beautiful
Varies from dry and boring to fun and beautifulLucinda Roth

The trail also called the San Joaquin River Trail is amazing for both hiking and jogging. This allows you to start out by jogging to maximize the cardiovascular benefit of your exercise and then cool down with some hiking. Alternatively you can mix up some hiking and jogging in intervals to boost your endurance and fun. The hiking and jogging trail is a loop, however if you get tired you can always turn around and start hiking and jogging back to the parking lot. You can continue through this hiking and jogging trail all the way to the water and have fun relaxing by the lake before going back.

You can reach this by driving from Highway 41 until you reach California 145. Go east on California 145 for about 3.3 miles. You then go right on CA 206. You then go east for about 2.2 miles and continue until you reach Millerton Road. You continue on Millerton Road. You then turn left onto Sky Harbor Road. This is the street just before you reach the Table Mountain Casino.