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Fresno Hiking and Camping

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Are you looking for a way to loose weight without loosing a bunch of money? Your solution may be camping and hiking. This provides you with a way to stay someplace at approximately half the price of a hotel room and often even less than half the price of a hotel room. Additionally it provides abundant opportunities to for you to exercise constantly because many of the hiking options are adjacent to a camping area. Additionally since you are away from restaurants you can just pack healthy food to help ensure you do not get stuck eating high calorie junk.

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Another benefit of hiking is that it can be much more interesting and stimulating that spending an hour running on a treadmill with nothing but television to look at. It can be less time consuming that weight lifting. Additionally it helps you get outside more so you can reap the benefits of sun particularly vitamin D benefits. Vitamin D is a unique vitamin in that your body can make it from the sun. Although there are many variables in how much vitamin D they can produce. These variables include season, time of the day, air pollution particularly particulate matter, cloud cover, sunscreen, and skin tone.