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Fresno Art Galleries: Origins

What is in an art gallery? Is it only expensive pieces of art to add elegance to a place or can it be more? How would it be possible for a place that sells sculptures or paintings to be something more? Galleries are the place to go for professional art. That is the whole point, right?

Wrong, galleries are actually and truly more than just an art chain store shopping stop. Many people have forgotten how galleries, especially in Fresno, get their start. Nearly all modest galleries begin from humble origins. A majority of Fresno's art galleries begin with either a solo artist or a small group of artists who begin with a simple form of showcasing. Places like bazaars and festivals are usually the first stops. This is how these artists get their name and their art out into the world and begin or join a network of other artists. Once in a network, they begin to share and acquire resources that they, individually, would not otherwise have access to. Resources like dates and admission info to the local art festivals and other public art showcases, advice on techniques, studio work space, where to purchase uncommon supplies and of great importance the chance to be noticed, among others. These are the places where up and coming artists create a fan club if you will. A following or a gain in popularity among art lovers and buyers. When the single artist or the group gains enough traction in the art community to make sells to bring in a steady income then they can find their own corner in the world and set up shop. Here is the rise of a young gallery. Because Fresno is such a large artist community and starting up your own gallery being a young artist is nearly impossible, many of the galleries here are willing to showcase young or lesser known artists. Artists like to see their peers succeed so they are more than willing to lend a helping hand. Being apart of a group who collectively want to start a gallery is another good way to have artworks in a gallery. This way rent space is cheaper because it is split between several artists and more of their money can be spent on supplies and such. As for the ones who are already on their feet and showcase lesser known artists often showcase repeat artists who come back around. So as mentioned here, galleries are so very much more than just the art hanging on the walls. They are the aspirations of the artists who showcase within them.

Also art galleries are a place for other artists or art lovers to come relax, socialize, catch up with peers and gain inspiration. So much goes into setting up a gallery yet much stays in the shadows and out of the limelight. Just food for thought when thinking of stopping in and browsing an art gallery. Enjoy.

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