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Fresher Florals- Springtime brings May flowers indoors and out

Beautiful bold floral
Beautiful bold floral

You know the old saying "April Showers bring May flowers".  They may have meant our gardens and outdoor spaces, but I say we resolve to apply this to our indoor florals as well!

In my last article, I advised you to Spruce up for Spring by either dusting or throwing out those old outdated florals from 1990 and here I will give you a little more insight on how to do just that! 

Shop the sales!

Apparently Hobby Lobby agrees with me on this!  They are running a 50% off sale on all florals and home accents through May 8th.  I find them to have the largest selection of quality silk flowers and pre-made arrangements.  At 50% off, it doesn't get better than that.  Even an Interior Designer with connections like myself cannot get better pricing anywhere!  So run, yes RUN, to Hobby Lobby and get started!

Find your inspiration

Decide where you want to place the arrangement: Dining table, Foyer, atop the entertainment center........ and determine colors and style.  A dining table floral will be dictated by the size of the table and the distance of the chandelier from the table.  If you have a round table, chose a floral that will be round or square.  If the dining table is rectangular or oval, go for something long or group 3 smaller arrangements in a row.  For height, keep the finished height at least a few inches below the bottom of the chandelier.  If you have a table in your foyer that is begging for an arrangement, determine the table size just as above, but go taller for more impact.  Do a "Google image" using the keywords that describe your project, for instance: "white floral arrangements" or "Foyer floral arrangements".  Then print out some inspiration photos to refer to while shopping.

Color and texture

Chose flowers that could actually be found in nature- avoid colors like turquoise, bright pink, most purples and oranges.   Find leaves that are darker colored and not solid in color.  A mix of sizes is always good when selecting flowers and leaves.  Stick to 1-3 complimentary colors and they don't have to match exactly to the colors in the room.  You can't go wrong with neutral.  This will extend the "in factor" a little longer.  

Select a base

When selecting a pot for your arrangement, keep in mind that the flowers should be 2-3 times the height of the pot.  So if your pot is 12" high, your floral part should be 24"-36" high.  Buy floral foam for inside the base, this will keep the florals in the place for the long haul.  And don't forget a finishing touch of moss or pebbles etc. to cover the foam when done.

Use the right tools

Buy a floral stem cutter or wire clipper.  You will need to trim the floral stems as you place each flower. A standard scissor will not cut it, literally.  And you will have to toss the scissor away after a few tries.  You will also need a large knife to cut the foam to fit inside the base or pot.  Then find a large table to spread everything out on.  I usually have a hot glue gun handy just in case I need to reattach some buds or leaves and you can also use it for attaching the moss to the pot and top of the foam. 

Get to it!

You have all the elements of a great floral arrangement, now use the pictures you printed for inspiration as your "color by number" to put your custom floral together.  Then, sit back and wait as your friends and family rave about your masterpiece and ask you to show them how to do it!   


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