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Fresh-tips product review: An on-the-go fresh breath alternative

Have you ever been at work, at school, or on a date and long for the ability to brush your teeth and/or freshen your breath? Carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste at these venues is cumbersome and bulky. Additionally, it can be rather embarrassing to have other people walk in on you as you are attempting to brush your teeth in a public bathroom. Also, you wonder how hygienic the sinks are at these locations. So, what is a good fresh breath alternative?

Freshtips slideshow. The first nine pictures are formatted by the author, Debbie Dunn. The final picture comes from the fresh-tips press release, used with permission.
Freshtips slideshow. The first nine pictures are formatted by the author, Debbie Dunn. The final picture comes from the fresh-tips press release, used with permission.
Formatted by Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons
Title page article picture for Fresh-tips
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

As the Women’s Health Examiner for, I sometimes come across products that appear intriguing. Fresh-tips (or freshtips) was one of these products.

A representative from the fresh-tips company kindly sent me a free sample so that I could test them out for myself. The inventor and president of this company, Deborah Luis, also answered a few interview questions. She is also an actual dentist.

Interview with the inventor, Deborah Luis

1. How did you come up with the idea for Freshtips?

My husband and I saw a rubber ball with projections in a pharmacy. Together we both thought it would feel great in your mouth to clean teeth. We added a stick, flavoring and developed Fresh-Tips.

2. In what ways do Freshtips contribute to tooth and gum health?

Fresh-Tips contribute to tooth and gum health in a couple of ways: the rubber bristles remove plaque, massage the gums and clean the tongue. They're not abrasive on the enamel and are gentle on the gums. The white, all-natural, sugar-free xylitol mint helps prevent plaque accumulation which helps prevent cavities. The brushing action and xylitol both stimulate saliva which helps fight dry mouth.

3. Are there any safety tips or age restrictions that Freshtips-users need to be aware of?

The Peppermint flavor has a toothpick and the age recommendation is ages 10 and up; our new Bubblegum flavor (without a toothpick) can be used with ages 3 and up with parent supervision. The flavoring is safe for kids of all ages.

4. Can Freshtips be purchased in a store? If so, which stores and geographical locations?

Fresh-Tips is available online,, Amazon, & Ebay, Facebook store:

5. If Freshtips can only be purchased online, what are the three best and most economical sites that this product can be ordered? Do any of those purchasing links come with free shipping options?

All our online retailers offer free shipping and most of our customers prefer to purchase straight from our website.

6. What three to five things do you most want potential or current customers to know about Freshtips?

-It's a Disposable Toothbrush that you use like a lollipop.

-The xylitol mint is sugar-free and helps fight plaque.

-It's very discreet and can be used anywhere.

-It's great for anyone on-the-go, kids’ lunches, hospital stays, airplanes, etc.

-We're a family owned company that wants to contribute to better oral health.

My product review of the peppermint flavored fresh-tips


* I really like the peppermint flavor of this fresh-tip. It has a clean, fresh taste that I found to be quite enjoyable.

* I like the nubs on the unit that could be used to scrape the plaque off my teeth. It also feels good to massage my gums and tongue with these sturdy nubs.

* I especially like the fact that it has a flosser on the end. It is so helpful to have an element like that when you end up having food stuck between your teeth.

I still recall a middle school classmate who would eat Oreos as part of her school lunch. She wore braces and would always end up with black chunks stuck in her braces. Of course, this was years ago (1970 to 1973). It would have been so nice if she had something like this to use to clean out the black chunks before returning to class. That way, she could eat her favorite cookies without embarrassing herself when she tried to smile.

* I noticed that the fresh taste lasted a good amount of time. I definitely feel like this would be a viable option for me when I need to be around other people after a meal.


* The second one I tried was used while I was driving. I was in a hurry and used it rather roughly. I thought it was falling apart as the little white tube at the base of the blue nubs came loose. So, I thought it was a Con. Later, when I tried my third one and had more time, I finally realized that this white tube was actually a breath mint. So, it really was not a Con after all. I did realize that once I ate the mint, the nubs no longer had flavor. So, save the mint for the final moments of using the fresh-tip.

My product review of the bubblegum flavored fresh-tips


* I personally do not like bubblegum; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this one out. It had a rather minty-esque type flavor that nicely covered up the aspects of bubblegum that I find to be unpleasant. It almost reminded me of eating a candy-flavored sweet tart that was a combination of mint and bubblegum.


* Eating the piece of candy that was near the brush was rather too-strong in bubblegum flavor for me. It would be great for people who do like that flavor.

* I asked a friend to try out the bubblegum-flavored fresh-tip who does enjoy bubblegum flavor. She thought it was too subtle when it came to the bubblegum flavor; however, she thought her five-year-old daughter would have loved it. In fact, she said her daughter would probably ask to have this every day if she had been given the opportunity to try it.

What do you think?

What about you? Have any of you tried fresh-tips? If so, what do you think?

In lieu of them, do you have another fresh-breath alternative to share?

My conclusion

I definitely can see myself ordering a batch of these to use after a meal when I am going to be around other people. Fresh breath and clean teeth are high on my priority list. The fact that it comes with a built-in flosser is an added advantage.

I highly recommend that you try them for yourself. You can order them from, Amazon, & Ebay, and the Facebook store:


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