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Fresh Step lightweight litter dusty but lives up to claims

The new lightweight litter from Fresh Step is expected to be available next month.
The new lightweight litter from Fresh Step is expected to be available next month.
P O'Beollain

Fresh Step® will soon be releasing their Extreme Lightweight kitty litter. This is a clumping kitty litter which Fresh Step claims is 30% lighter in weight – basically, 15.4 pounds of this Extreme Lightweight Litter is supposed to do the job of nearly 22 pounds of regular Fresh Step Clumping kitty litter.

The manufacturer also claims that this is the best lightweight litter for odor elimination. Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter contains activated carbon to help trap and neutralize the odors of urine and feces, and also claims to contain an antimicrobial agent which combats odor-causing bacteria.

This author received a free sample of Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter in the mail, and decided that the best evaluation of the litter would be at a good friend’s house. Three cats live in that household, and Bo-Leg, Little Bit and Lucky agreed to put the litter to a thorough test. Here are the conclusions of the test panel and their keeper:

The box of litter is definitely lighter, and definitely easier to haul around and pour; it takes up less space in the closet.

Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter is certainly absorbent, forming immediate clumps upon coming in contact with moisture. The clumps also held together for quick and easy scooping and cleaning of the litter pan, and the clumps themselves were lighter in weight (so the litter remains lightweight even when holding moisture).

Odor control is good, although it is a scented litter, which this author thinks might be an issue with some cats and/or owners, although the odor is certainly not overpowering. The three afore-mentioned cats in the review panel did not mind the fragrance at all.

The litter does live up to its claims, however it is quite dusty. While the dustiness of the litter was the only drawback noticed by the review panel’s keeper, it was a significant drawback, particularly for those cats who enthusiastically cover up the ‘evidence’.

Overall, this litter would be worth checking out. If you have a cat who does not spend an inordinate amount of time scratching and digging in the litter, the dust might not be such an issue, and the 'pros' just might outweigh (haha) that one 'con'.

Fresh Step Extreme Lightweight Litter is expected to be available for retail sales in September, and in the Dayton area, you can order through PetCare Solutions and get free delivery!

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