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Fresh Start Monday: Opus Orange

If you’re searching for new music to give yourself a fresh start this Monday, look no further than Santa Monica based Opus Orange. If you’re a listener to Sirius-XM Radio’s Alt Nation, you may have heard their single “Balance” hitting the airwaves.

“Balance” is a very catchy, danceable tune, but Opus Orange’s EP also contains four other strong tracks - “Fortress,” “In The Dark,” “The Next World” and “Artificial Heart.”

The band, who derived their name from a combination of Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu, Opus 66 and Charles Mingus’ “Orange Was the Color of Her Dress,” formed in 2010 and now consists of 10 members with Paul Bessenbacher (who merely goes by “PB”) at the helm.

Opus Orange has grown since their ukulele centered self-titled debut EP in 2010. The band went on to score the feature-length documentary “Mile… Mile & A Half” in 2013, before releasing 2014’s “Balance” EP, which sounds more indie than their previous releases.

For more about Opus Orange, like their page on Facebook, and download their music on iTunes.

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