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Fresh seafood, the Bahamian good life at Arawak Cay's Anchorage Haven

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When you picture yourself enjoying lunch at a tropical paradise, what does it look like? No doubt, you envision a view of crystal blue waters. You might picture a cold beer, fresh local seafood and maybe even -- like "The Most Interesting Man in the World" -- enjoying an exotic (and forbidden in the USA) Cuban cigar. You can have all of this and more at Arawak Cay's Anchorage Haven in the Bahamas. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

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Start with a Bahamian beer, Kalik. The locals pronounce it something like "K'lik." It's a pilsner style beer with a bit of bite.

Grouper is hard to find in the US outside of Florida and Bahamian style lobster impossible. You can get a lunch platter featuring both! Bahamian cuisine differs from others nearby, in that it's not spicy, but rather herby. Limes are used as garnish, opposed to lemons.

Their lobster is a bit smaller and firmer than other lobsters. The grouper served at Anchorage Haven is tender inside, crispy outside and perfectly fresh.

You can pick from a number of side dishes, so I went for a couple of traditional favorites: peas and rice, and what they call "macaroni" (mac and cheese). Their mac and cheese is excellent! It comes in a baked square with extra baked cheese on top.

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