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Fresh Pride's happy Easter sale

Fresh Pride is a country store in an urban setting!
Fresh Pride is a country store in an urban setting!photo courtesy of Fresh Pride used with permission

When it comes to the best fresh cut meats, Fresh Pride has it all! If one likes ham, one may wish to stock up on this one! Ham is one of my favorite cuts of meat. Currently, on sale is Carolina Pride ham shank portion for $1.19 per pound. The butt portion is on sale for $1.39.

For those interested in learning about how to cook a ham be sure to check out the recommended link listed at the bottom of this article.

In addition, to ham being on sale, Tropicana 59 oz. bottle of pure premium orange juice (selected varieties) is on sale for $2.99 and fresh 1 pound strawberries are 2 for $5.00.

Hurry! This early Easter stock up of savings is effective April 16th through April 22nd.

For more information about what is on sale, click on this link:

Fresh Pride is definitely the BEST family store in town. Senior Citizens can save 5% every Tuesday and Thursday. Now, that is all day long! In addition, double coupons up to 50 cents EVERYDAY!

Personally, I really enjoy shopping at Fresh Pride on 8506 Chesapeake Boulevard in Norfolk, Virginia. After all, Fresh Pride is a family store in an urban setting!