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Fresh ideas for gluten free romance

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Flowers are obviously a "no fail" option for a gluten free token of your affection on Valentine's Day or other special occasion. A safe bet. However, if you want to present an unusual offering, consider the following suggestions:

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Instead of flowers, why not give chocolate covered strawberries? They have the red, romantic drama of roses, but your sweety won't have to watch them fade, because every sweet, tangy berry will be joyfully consumed. You might even get a strawberry kiss of gratitude!

If you want to make a big impression, pick up a party size fruit platter in the produce department of your grocer. This will need to be purchased right before you deliver it to insure freshness. Top it off with a big red bow, or perhaps a corsage. This will provide days of carefree, gluten free snacking for someone who always has to be very careful about what she puts in her mouth.

You can order fruit bouquets to be delivered, just as you can send flowers to your sweetheart. You may pay more for less fruit than purchasing and delivering a fruit platter yourself, but the fruit is cut in cute shapes and artistically arranged in a nice container. If your darling enjoys the drama of receiving special deliveries at work, it might just be worth it.

Unless your Valentine hates fruit, you really can't go wrong with these fresh, juicy gifts. Whenever a fruit platter is served at a party, it is greeted with squeals of delight. It disappears faster than the more decadent desserts. Imagine the special feeling of being given an entire party platter of ones very own! Or a sweet bouquet that tastes as wonderful as it looks.

Gluten free courtship can be tasty and romantic!

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