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Technology has indeed become part of our travel routine. From e-ticket, e-booking to e-receipts, most of our travel can be arranged, managed and paid online. Just recently I had to call the airline to make a change in my online profile, and it was funny how the representative said: "you can actually do that online, but I can help you if you like".

Let's review some of the most common apps that take a favorite spot in our mobile dashboard:

Safety: when it comes to travel abroad, STEP, from the US Homeland Security Department, allows US citizens to update travel information about the destination country and receive alerts related to safety and travel facts.

News: Flipboard, a nice informative news app, let's you streamline by category and channels the most insightful news from reputable sources.

Lodging and Travel Management: Hotel, airline and car rental apps, such as National, Delta, AA, HHONORS, IGH, are pretty good to keep track, but if you need all in one TripIt will do it. One of my favorites is Wallet from Google, it will let you save most of your reward points in one place among other features.

Some key airport hubs can also be found in your app store such as Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, where you can get real-time information about flight status and gate information.

Weather: I really like The Weather Channel app, not only allows you enter several cities, and destinations, but it will send weather alerts and notifications as required. In some devices, its widget feature provides constant visibility.

Location: Another popular one out there is Life360 keeping real-time information for a circle of friends/family. This app also helps locate the device from one of the devices from the circle. If the family is traveling, and someone forgets the device in a restaurant, the other family member can locate the phone from their circle's map view.

Directions: I find both, Mapquest and Google Maps, provide good reviews and provide accurate voice instructions for free. Google maps offers a great widget to preset destinations in the device's dashboard. This favorite widget concept is easy and allows for fast access to those frequently visited places.

Keeping in touch: No doubt that Wassup has become an excellent way to keep in touch with others, while taking advantage of Wi-Fi networks. It works excellent in other countries.

Sit down, relax and enjoy your apps!

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