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See also: Creative Networks Website is your source for sociodigital self-expression. Through our community, members build personal creative circles and co-act to produce collaborative media projects. You can create your digital portfolio and post updates regularly for friends and supporters who subscribe to your page. Membership to Freqnt is open to individuals and organizations - such as independent artists, models, photographers, etc. as well as local authorities, venues, festivals, support organizations, etc. - who actively support independent art and talent.

This is what the money will be used for:

Website hosting fees and software licensing. They currently lease the software on which the site runs but wish to purchase licenses from the developers. In the long run, this is a more cost-effective option.
Development of iOS and Android mobile apps. Do you own due diligence and be responsible for your purchases. Promotion of the online community. The goal is to build a high quality portfolio community. This will only be possible when they are able to gain the attention of new potential members and supporters. Throughout the web, you find social networks, business networks and talent networks. What they have built is a site for building creative networks. They support several member classes like models, photographers, visual artists, etc. Each member can connect with other members who share their interests, talents, and skills. Additionally, members can join specific interest-based networks from which they can receive updates. The idea is to match like-minded individuals, who can collaborate on projects, events and activities that will showcase their combined talents. It's something like Model Mayhem meets Meetup meets [insert random social network here]. Perks include T-shirts.

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