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French folklore: The guivre and the peluda

Dragons have been very popular thoughout history from movies nowadays to old myths of yesteryear. This article is looking at two legends, the guivre and the peldua, both come from French folklore. They've became popular prominently in the Medieval Age. So read on to learn more about these dragon creatures.

The guivre is part of French folklore, it played the villain role. It's called an mythological creature that has been classified basically as a dragon. The legends about this creature are the following:

  • They posses venomous breath.
  • Have a long serpentine body and a dragon-like head.
  • Legends tell us that the guivre resided in small bodies of water.
  • They also can be found in caves and forests.
  • The guivre is also known as a vouivre.
  • Believe it or not what scares them away in some of the stories is a nude bather. Sounds odd doesn't it?

Now to another part of French folklore that also deals with dragons, the peluda. The following facts are about this mythological creature:

  • The peluda is sometimes known as the shaggy beast or the hairy one.
  • Legend has it that the peluda would terrorized the La Ferte-Bernard area in France.
  • They had quills that were poisonous.
  • Said to have a snake's scaly neck, tortoise-like feet, and it was a green color.
  • Some legends say that its invincible besides its tail.
  • It can create floods just by stepping into rivers.
  • Can spit out a powerful stream of water or even worse, acid.

So that's an interesting look at two dragon creatures from French folklore. Though some may have believed in these tales. Anyway, folklore is something that is always interesting and they are tales that should be told so they won't get lost in history.

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