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Freezing Rain On Tap Sunday Morning

A quick look at how freezing rain occurs; it's due to warmer air aloft BUT cold air at the surface.
A quick look at how freezing rain occurs; it's due to warmer air aloft BUT cold air at the surface.
National Weather Service

After a cold start with lows in the single digits(below zero in spots as record lows were tied and even broken!) we rebounded to a high of 29 at Philly International Airport(set at 3:56pm); granted our average high is 41 it didn't feel that bad outside today thanks to a light southerly wind. This was because high pressure was sitting on top of us because settling offshore, but now there's not only a cold front to the west, but a piece of mid-level energy across the southeastern United States will slide north overnight and provide some rain.....

There is a Freezing Rain Advisory in effect from 6am-2pm Sunday
National Weather Service, Mt. Holly

The only issue is that although the middle levels of the atmosphere will be warm, at the surface with snow pack is still at or below freezing. This will lead to freezing rain for Philly as well points north and west in the morning until a warm front and milder air pushes north in the afternoon; until then there is a Freezing Rain Advisory from 6am-2pm Sunday as once that rain hits the colder surface it freezes on contact(and can accrue 0.10"). Once that milder air pushes in temperatures will rise and by Midnight it will be in the lower 50s ensuring everything is rain as that cold front pushes through Monday morning. Behind that front is yet ANOTHER Arctic blast with lows Monday night in the lower teens(single digits in the suburbs) while the day on Tuesday will feature plenty of sunshine, but it's ineffective as the core of the Arctic air only allows highs to warm a few degrees(13, 14, 15)!

We'll tack on another ten degrees or so on Wednesday with another sun-filled day, but then we cloud up Thursday with another system; this one will be a snow-to-rain-to-snow again as it's all dependent on how quickly temperatures rise on Thursday ahead of the front and then how quickly the colder air filters in on the back end. Right now I went conservatively with highs on Thursday in the upper 30s and then overnight lows will be a couple of ticks below freezing and Friday will just be a couple of ticks above freezing.

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