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Freezing for a reason

Effects of Global Warming on Lake Michigan
Effects of Global Warming on Lake Michigan
Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images

There is a certain admiration for holdouts against all odds and evidence but still believes in a lost cause. Like the Japanese soldiers who up until the 70’s were still fighting for the emperor on remote islands. Or take the 26 of 52 passengers on the Akademik Shokalskly, they firmly believed in education equals intelligence and the threat of manmade global warming. Each one of them paid Expeditions online $6,250.00 to join academic Professor Chris Turney on an Austrasia Arctic Expedition whose primary mission was to study global warming’s effect on the Antarctica’s ice sheet.

There is much less admiration for Professor of Geology Chris Turney, who discovered supporting manmade climate change was more financially rewarding than the study of rocks. With his elevation to climate change professor, formation of Greenscape Corporation, speaking tours, and booking of global warming tourists, he was pulling in the green. He accepted the responsibility of the expedition despite both satellite photos and NASA’s warning that arctic ice is record size for the second year in a row. He still proceeded to book a ship which is not an ice breaker. Besides endangering the tourists and his own family, his folly put at risk real scientific endeavors that had to be curtailed in order to rescue his global warming expedition frozen in the ice.

All admiration seems to have escaped the high priest of global warming Albert Gore. Even though Al quoted “the future of human civilization is at stake” global warming is no longer important enough for his own money. Since donations and government grants have dried up he has closed all Alliance for Climate Protection offices and laid off 90% of the staff. It is not the economy since he sold his TV station to Al Jazeera for 500 million. It is possible he plans to team up with Joe Kennedy and sell repatriated Hugo Chavez oil to create global warming inside individual homes.

Other true believers or opportunists lose admiration and earn our distain. Take our Secretary of State John “I was in Vietnam” Kerry. Though his job is to help direct the United States foreign policy during these troubling times, he has decided to make global warming a top priority. To that end he is supporting giving the UN more than ten times what all other nations have donated to the tune of $7.45 billion to support tin pan dictators and fight global warming in developing nations. Evidently not enough to cover his guilt collecting purple hearts in Vietnam he also dropped a 17 million dollar check written to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with a note “For Global Warming” on the bottom.

All these faithful have one thing in common. It’s not a love for the planet, concern for climate, or even compassion for fellow humans. Manmade Global warming was good for them. The tourists could brag they helped the planet among their friends. Professor Turney can take his family on adventures not available to most and not have to pay for it. Albert gets richer selling carbon credits and Kerry is getting to old to snag another rich lonely heiress.

Believing in a lost cause always has some cost. For those on remote islands in the pacific it was attacks from lonely soldiers fighting on. For those that believe in global warming the cost is shifted to others. That cost hits Americans pocketbooks thru higher cost for energy to support windmills, carbon credits, solar and the war on coal. So during this cold spell as you snuggle around your radiator trying to squeeze every dollar out of your energy bill you are freezing for a reason and that is to help keep global warming alive and its supporters comfortable.

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