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Freezing dog stranded in icy water saved by police officer

Dog saved from frigid water by heroic police officer
Dog saved from frigid water by heroic police officer
Norton Shores PD

An elderly dog in Norton Shores, Mich., would have drowned if not for the heroic efforts of a Norton Shores police officer, reported Wednesday's publication of

A resident near the Mona Lake area alerted the authorities after hearing whimpers and cries from the the water late Tuesday night.

A responding police officer found the struggling dog near a boat dock; according to a police report:

The dog was clinging to a patch of ice. Only the head and the paws were out of the water,”

The frigid water had clearly taken a toll on the Labrador retriever mix, who was too exhausted to pull his body from the water.

The officer described the rescue attempt in the police report:

“I was able to reach the dog’s green collar with my fingertips after lying out on my stomach. After sliding the dog along the ice to the dock, I attempted to assist it onto the ice. The dog had no energy to help work its way out of the water. It was too heavy for me to simply lift out,

The officer was not deterred - he worked to secure the dog under the stomach and rolled on the dock to hoist the tired dog from the water.

The dog was whisked away to a warm police cruiser and bundled in blankets which were provided by concerned neighbors who witnessed the amazing rescue effort.

Nobody at the scene recognized the dog and the police requested that anyone who had information about the dog's owner to please call the Norton Shores Police Department at (231 )733-2691.

Note: A comment left by a reader of the publication has indicated that the dog's owner was later identified and they were reunited with their companion.

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