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Freeze Out on School Not Learning

At this writing it is 1 degree Fahrenheit in the Toledo area. I mean we have had an extremely cold winter this year in the United States so far. One of the areas that has been greatly affected by the cold weather has been public education.

Winter and Children wonder throughout the snowy days.
Winter and Children wonder throughout the snowy days.
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School's Out for Snowy Days
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Students who are traditionally educated in public and private schools have been forced to miss many classroom days this semester so far due to weather. If your children are at home and you need to make sure they are keeping their minds on more than Nintendo or Playstation I've got some great online resources you can check out that will help your youngsters throughout the year and whenever they need to do a bit more practicing than playing.

  1. IXL online is a resource that reinforces learning in the areas of Math and Language Arts and you can use the site for free daily.
  2. Time4Learning is an online resource that offers homeschool, after-school and summer use.
  3. is available for those who need just a bit more math practice.
  4. National Geographic Kids this site features games, videos, photos, recipes, science and crafts.
  5. Khan Academy provides free, world-class education to anyone in the world! Their resources are totally free to students, home-schoolers or whomever else needs them. (I'll be highlighting this one very soon so stay tuned for more information on this resource).

Bundle up, stay warm and never stop learning! I hope you find these resources helpful.

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