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Freestyle Fitness: not your average personal trainers

Check out the trainers of Freestyle Fitness!
Check out the trainers of Freestyle Fitness!

Located on Post Road, Freestyle Fitness is a smaller personal training facility that got started in 2002 consisting of six trainers. The unique quality of this particular facility is they are not like a gym training facility; they work in conjuncture with one another and do not have specific clients. This place is truly a team atmosphere, but they each have specialized training they can perform as well.

One of the programs that is unique to Freestyle is the 21 Day Re-charge Body Makeover. A fusion of training with more than one trainer, nutrition coaching and progress check-ins get you back on track to reach your goals. But be warned, this is not a means to an end; this will help you reach any weight loss goals you have set for yourself, but it is a kick-in-the-pants style wake-up call.

After the program ends, clients have the option of choosing packages ranging from 12, 24 or 36 sessions with prices from $75 to $95 an hour. The jump start program along with the package sessions will create a healthy habit to workout in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

For all athletes out there, make sure to check out the GTX Athletic Re-charge program. This is an off-season program designed to help improve the athlete's agility, foot speed, vertical jump and anaerobic endurance. Three one hour sessions a week with your trainer will help your sport-specific needs.

If you are searching for a facility where the trainers have specialties ranging from kickboxing and martial arts, yoga and pilates or athletic agility and weight lifting, this is the place for you. They will teach you how to train correctly, and in turn, you will want to go back and see them for more tips.

For more info: Make sure to call at 203-259-1471 to set up a session, or send an email to Freestyle Fitness is located at 1465 Post Road East #2 in Westport, CT.


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