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#FreeScooter trends on Twitter to support Justin Bieber's manager

Scooter Braun, in addition to Justin Bieber, he also manages rapper, Asher Roth.
Scooter Braun, in addition to Justin Bieber, he also manages rapper, Asher Roth.
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According to MTV, Atlanta-based, Scooter Braun, manager of the teen heart throb, Justin Bieber, turned himself in to authorities today. The young music mogul is facing charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance for reportedly not sending a tweet to Justin Bieber fans, urging them to avoid attending a mall appearance, where Justin Bieber was scheduled to show up. The incident, which happened in November, apparently broke out into a stampede which injured one fan.

Officials are alleging that they ordered Braun to tweet that the event had been cancelled to Justin's fans, which Braun allegedly refused. Supposedly, a message from Bieber's account urging fans to avoid the mall was only tweeted after a representative from the artist's label was arrested. If found guilty, Braun could face up to one year in prison on both second-degree misdemeanor charges.

This is just another testament to power of Twitter and the influence of Justin Bieber. Social media is still so new that this case is sure to be logged in the history books for Twitter. However, holding Braun accountable for not preventing further mayhem at an event possibly orchestrated between the label and the mall is a reach. It's obvious that the organizers knew Bieber's influence but failed to properly secure the venue for safety. If any of them had been monitoring the buzz of the event over social networks like Twitter and Facebook, I'm sure they could have gotten an early indication that more precautions needed to be taken or that the event should be cancelled. There are too many monitoring and measuring tools available to give organizers pre-event attendance projections. After all, this is Justin Bieber, the teen pop star that was discovered on one of the most popular social networks, YouTube.

If Twitter wasn't in existence, what would have been the recourse for trying to spread the message to cancel the event? Social media is widely used by the masses for sharing information, but savvy tech enthusiasts, as well as marketing and branding experts also understand the invaluable listening tool it provides. It’s too bad the police, and event organizers weren’t utilizing this promotional method for one of its best offerings, a 2-way listening device.

If you think that Braun isn’t at fault, you can display your support like Bieber and his legion of loyal fans by logging onto Twitter and tweeting #FreeScooter.

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  • ladonna 5 years ago

    hey scooter keep justin cute

  • grizelda 5 years ago

    hey, justin i live in canada and i an 16 years old
    would u like 2 go out with me

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