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FreeRockRadio wants to be the iHeartRadio of rock music

The decline in traditional radio has led to a rise in popularity for Internet streaming radio services such as iHeartRadio, which specializes in user-customized stations and free popular music. It is one of the biggest online radio stations to introduce new acts to listeners across the globe.

Now, an up-and-coming website is looking to do the same thing with rock 'n' roll. FreeRockRadio's goal is becoming the Internet's biggest and top-rated U.S.-based rock music site. Promoting indie rock artists alongside more mainstream acts and connecting their works to potential fans is a huge part of the site's mission.

The main thing keeping FreeRockRadio (FRR) back is funding. Broadcasting music takes money, and so do the site's future plans of sponsoring music festivals and running country-wide tours. Naturally, FreeRockRadio isn't free to run, so it is joining the thousands of other online endeavors and calling for crowdfunding to survive.

The website is currently accepting funds via Paypal. Perks for funding FreeRockRadio's activities include a site promo t-shirt and a CD by Virginia Beach indie musician Luciano Illuminati.

Currently, FRR offers a place for indie music fans to buy music, t-shirts and concert tickets as well as watch music videos of their favorite acts. The purchasing seems to be run through various affiliate programs, but the music videos are handpicked by the website's owners.

We contacted the administrators of FreeRockRadio about what visitors can expect of FRR in the future and how it will broadcast music, but they have not responded to email. The story will be updated with further information when it becomes available.

Update: The administrators of FreeRockRadio responded to our email. Here is the information they had to give.

Directly from FRR: "We plan on streaming more FM, College and Web-based radio stations as they come on board. The founder of I Love Indie is a friend of mine and his station was the first to be listed for about 5 different categories."

As for the kinds of music that will be heard on FreeRockRadio: "Users can expect to hear anything from heavy metal indie artists like Black Angel Down and singer-songwriter Carly Jo Jackson who appeared on the current Season 9 of America's Got Talent to the top bands such as Coldplay, The Black Keys, Lenny Kravitz, OK Go, Jason Mraz, They Might Be Giants and our personal favorites Vampire Weekend."

The videos that are on the FreeRockRadio website are open to suggestions from a wide variety of people, from music fans to record producers. Suggestions can be officially submitted to the FRR site at this link.

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