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Freema Agyeman turns 35 years old today

Freema Agyeman, most known for playing companion Martha Jones on “Doctor Who,” turns 35 years old today!

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Freema Agyeman made her first appearance as Martha Jones in 2007. In the third series premiere of “Doctor Who,” titled “Smith and Jones,” she was introduced as the second regular companion of the new series, following the departure of Rose Tyler in the heartbreaking series two finale “Doomsday.” Before boarding the TARDIS, Martha was studying to be a medical doctor, and this training certainly helped her throughout her time as The Tenth Doctor’s companion. She was brilliant, quick, courageous, and—of course—a great partner to The Doctor. At the end of the third series, after saving the world, Martha realized that her romantic feelings for The Doctor were holding her back. She decided that she had to end her time on the TARDIS. The character did, though, return for a few episodes in the fourth series, working with UNIT. She also appeared in a few episodes of the “Doctor Who” spinoff, “Torchwood.”

Agyeman then appeared on “Survivors” and the miniseries “Little Dorrit” before being cast as Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips on “Law & Order: UK” in 2009. She starred on the show for the first six series’. Then she was cast as Larissa on “The Carrie Diaries” in 2012 and as Shelly Periwinkle on “Old Jack's Boat.”

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