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Freelee the Banana Girl hacked

Spammers are using Freelee the Banana Girl's pictures withour her consent
Screenshot by Laurie Fermaintt

Freelee the Banana Girl, Youtube sensation, has been quoted of Facebook today saying, "Oh brother, I've finally arrived! I'm being spammed by weight loss gimmicks. Good thing my tag is still on it."

When Facebook user Laurie Fermaintt first noticed a Twitter advertisement with the Banana Girl's picture she wrote to her immediately to tell her the bad news.

After a quick search of the site advertised, it appears the spammers have taken down their false advertising.

The funny thing about the before and after pictures shown that were ripped off by the "quickly removes belly fat like nothing else" people is that Freelee is five years older in the after picture.

Freelee, of course, got slim and "removed belly fat" by eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, and she worked out a lot too.

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