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Freelee the Banana Girl encourages viewers to try RawTill4 diet

Today’s inspirational business woman comes to us all the way from Adelaide, South Australia.
Freelee, the self-named Banana Girl, is a Youtube phenomenon and author of the new e-book Go Fruit Yourself!
Though she boasts a following of 101,000 subscribers totaling in over 14 million views on Youtube, Freelee’s goals do not appear to be financial.
Freelee is challenging all of her viewers to try a partially raw diet of fruits and vegetables as a New Year’s resolution.
This is a diet that is designed to help newbies to the vegan lifestyle transfer to a mostly raw, plant based diet.
The term RawTill4 was actually coined by Freelee’s mother, who lost over 20 lbs eating only raw fruits and vegetables until dinner time.
“People comment all the time on how much better she looks. Her skin looks better,” Freelee said in a recent Youtube video. “She’s posing in bikinis all the time and feeling fantastic!”
Freelee is a strong advocate for animal rights.
She describes eating meat as “another baby going to slaughter.”
Thus, her RawTill4 diet is completely vegan.
That means no cow, no pig, no poultry, no seafood, and no products that come from animals like dairy.
Some other aspects of the diet include going gluten-free, oil-free, and eating as little salt as possible.
“The idea is to get as much raw food into your gullet as possible,” said Freelee.
RawTill4 also entails eating a large green salad with dinner. This is to help with digestion.
Finding the right food is just as important as eating it.
Freelee encourages her viewers, or Fruit bats, to buy organic, especially organic potatoes when possible.
She warns against the herbicides and pesticides that can be found in food that is not organic.
What surprised some of her viewers is that she is encouraging those trying this diet to eat 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day.
“This is a plan that you could do for the rest of your life, if you want,” Freelee said. “Or you could do it transitioning to a raw food lifestyle.”
Freelee ends all of her Youtube videos with the salutation, “Don’t forget to go fruit or root yourself!” to remind her viewers of her main message.

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