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Freelance Whales at the Hi-Dive on 11/29/10

Freelance Whales
Freelance Whales
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In a city like New York, encountering hundreds of people is easy but actually making a connection with a few of those people might prove harder than it seems; especially a connection in terms of making music. If you think that finding people online and forming a band sounds a little hard to believe, look no further than Freelance Whales.

Coming together in 2008 after meeting online, Freelance Whales started to gain a fan base almost immediately. Busking in the busy subway amongst other traditional platforms in New York, Freelance Whales polished their style. In late 2009, they went on their first tour and have since toured with the likes of Bear In Heaven and the Shout Out Louds. Officially releasing their debut album Weathervanes in April of 2010, Freelance Whales have gained some of the best critical acclaim a band can get, from Entertainment Weekly to Pitchfork.

Touring to promote Weathervanes, Freelance Whales came to Denver on November 29, 2010 to the Hi-Dive. The Hi-Dive is prone to selling out due to its size but in a rare 18 and up show, Freelance Whales played not only to a sold out audience, but also exposed their music to a wider age range.

Playing almost their entire album, Freelance Whales created ambiance that is rivaled by few other bands and they had the crowd hanging on every note, clapping and dancing along with them onstage. Their unique lyrics paired with the soul in each of their voices makes their music fuller and their presence bigger. With the band mates switching instruments throughout the set, Freelance Whales showed their versatility and made their live show that much more interesting.

If they come back to Denver, you should go see why they get rave reviews. You should also pick up Weathervanes as it is a must have for any music collection.

Visit Freelance Whales and the Hi-Dive for more information.


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