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Freelance checklist to use when seeking gigs

Many freelancers and independent contractors have a custom home office
Many freelancers and independent contractors have a custom home office

Just as job seekers should have a specific checklist so should the freelance worker as it will come in handy for every independent contractor gig applied to. This freelance worker checklist should be drawn out like the job seeker tool kit. For example this checklist can have the resume and cover letter but what makes this freelance checklist more specific is there should be a brief question list to help while researching and during the interview. First, there is an independent contractor list of questions that must be answered during the research of freelance gigs such as:

• Will I be working as an independent contractor or am I employed with the company
• What is the length of this freelance gig; contract, part time or full time
• Does the company remove my taxes or is this something I am responsible for
• How will the pay for this position be given; Pay Pal, direct deposit, etc.
• Will this position be remote or on-site
• If position is remote, what type of equipment is required (computer, etc.)
• Is company training prior to work and is this training paid time
• Does the company require employees to work holidays and weekends

Another key point about freelance ads can be found within the content itself. For example, the advertisement has very little content about the job itself with a phone number for contact there may be cause for concern. Should there be something written using the words “work at home” or “business opportunity” it is highly suggested to research the company if listed and/or the phone number before moving forward as these types of advertisements could be more than what is bargained for.

Freelance work is a fabulous way to build an income but be prepared to do much footwork as you will be running your own show. In essence, filing taxes and maintaining a personal home office in the end.

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