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Freelance 101 - Part 3 Landing the Gig

Freelance 101 - Part 3, Landing the Gig
Freelance 101 - Part 3, Landing the Gig
Nicole Pribicevic

The bread and butter of all freelance work – landing the gig. Without a gig, there’s no income and without that you are right back at square one working in a little gray cubicle. In Freelance 101 – Part 2 we covered how to self-market your Freelancing skills. It’s now time to take those marketing skills and your talent and put them to work!

Where to find freelance work
There are many sites available to Freelancer’s, most of which are Bidding Sites. These sites can be a great place to start if you are “fresh out of the cubicle/classroom”. Bidding sites can lead to amazing clients, but most open bids are clients looking for a bargain deal; a quick turn with a good price.

That’s not to say that bidding sites are not worth their weight – we all have to start somewhere and if you do not have a client list because you are just starting out this is a great way to test the waters. Be smart about the jobs you are bidding on, and don’t give your work away for next to nothing. If you place a bid on several jobs and you are not having any luck, you may be bidding too high. However, if you are landing every gig you bid – you may be pricing yourself too low. offers a great tool to help you figure out what your hourly rate. It’s also a good idea to research what other freelancer’s are charging in comparison.

What to provide when bidding on a job?
You have the job brief in hand and this is something you can do… now what? Apply for the job and keep these following points in mind.

As a freelancer your portfolio is your backbone. Make sure you have a strong presence and showcase your best work, keep in mind – less is more at times. When you are bidding on a potential job its nice to have a portfolio site or file that you can send along with your proposal.

Ask Questions
If you are unsure of any aspect of the job description/brief – ask! The client will be flattered knowing you have taken a special interest in their project – but make sure the questions you are asking are not within the job description already. Be sure your read the job description thoroughly.

Be Honest
The Client will ask you about your past experiences, why you are the right person for this job – keep in mind you want to be able to do what you are telling them. Be real with your Client and it will be appreciated.

Once you send in your bid proposal and the Client has contacted you in return for more information – don’t panic! Just remember to be honest, respond in a timely manner and be professional. 

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