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Are you ready to remove yourself completely from the cycle of Capitalism? No, I am not ready either but many resourceful people in America have. These people are called Freegans.

Freegans collecting goods out of a dumpster
Kristine Hanchar

There are freegans who don’t dumpster dive. They garden, they barter, and they trade. One man's trash is a freegan's treasure. Freegans use their connections to find food that would otherwise be thrown away and rely on alternative means of transportation and housing to reduce waste. To be a freegan, you'll need to discover new sources for free vegan. Some freegans actually do eat meat if it is road kill that was left to die, like a deer hit by a car. They don’t necessarily hunt for food.

Because of the 2008 financial crisis and the bad economy more and more stories are developing about people living off the grid in smaller apartments, tiny houses, yurts; make shift homes, and campers. Many families are focusing on what is really important and not on accumulating stuff. Others just strive to pay off debt or to travel. Also many couples downsizing for retirement are starting to deploy some of these strategies. You will find a cluster of freegans in large expensive cities such as New York City and Boston. It’s not that the movement started here it is just that the abundance of good food is readily available and the costs of living are extremely high. The other way to think about this freegan movement is simply being a good steward of your resources. Even if you work and earn a living and purchase from the stores you can make your money go further with good habits. Try to bike to work for exercise and to cut down on gas. If you work too far from home to bike, simply bike to run errands on the weekends. Grow your own vegetables or join a farmer’s co-op in your area. Trade, barter, have yard sales, shop at thrift stores and don’t buy items at the mall. You don’t have to become a socialist or a communist to enjoy the benefits of being a freegan, just begin to think about how you spend your resources.

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