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FreeForm’s free for all at Phil’s Radiator

FreeForm’s free for all at Phil’s Radiator.
FreeForm’s free for all at Phil’s Radiator.
Justin Urban/

PUEBLO, Colo.—FreeForm make shifted their way to Phil’s Radiator, on Aug. 21. They were the opening act, along with Friends & Alibis. Bleed To Death was the direct support and Bridges was the headliner.

FreeForm’s free for all at Phil’s Radiator.
Wu-Man Chu/

Jared Collins is the vocalist and guitarist, Sean Morrell is the drummer and Jeremy Cabrera is the bassist of FreeForm.
Before Collins provided vocals for “Attaboy”, FreeForm provided an instrumental introduction. Afterwards—they received a round of applause from the crowd, Collins stepped on his guitar pedal and prevented his guitar from making any occurring sounds. He introduced the next song, “Exist”, and Moreell and Cabrera started the song.

Collins mentioned FreeForm would slow things down a bit and hoped the audience would enjoy it, as they performed the instrumental “G.B.Y.D.K.”. Cabrera and Collins soon accompanied Morrell, as he began the song by striking the cymbals. Morrell ended the song by repeatedly striking his snare drum, as a member of the audience shouted repeatedly with his appreciation.

Prior to the start of covering Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’s “Grey Cells Green”, Collins mentioned they had CDs available and how the song would be the only cover song they would perform. He advised the crowd it was by suggested donation, before he changed his mind. He encouraged everyone to meet up with a female spectator, for she had a box full of their CDs to give away. After the song came to end, onlookers shouted out loud with what they had heard from FreeForm.

Cheers from the crowd echoed from various areas of the venue, as Collins introduced “Flow”. Morrell struck the tambourine which was suspended above his hi-hat, shortly after. As the music continued he incorporated the rest of his drum set. Cabrera walked over to his monitor, grabbed his beverage, drank it and allowed his last bass note to propel him into the second verse with ease.

“Gentle Kind” brought an end to FreeForm’s recital, as Collins spoke briefly to the audience. He went onto say he hoped those in attendance had enjoyed themselves, as they performed. He went onto play his guitar alone, to begin the last song. Soon after, Cabrera and Morrell accompanied him and the music intensified during the chorus. After the song came to an end—Collins mentioned they were thankful to be on the bill, advised everyone to pick up a free CD and encouraged everyone to have a good night.

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