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Freedom to do what is right in a world of wrong

From the moment you take your first breath to the last breath you gasp in death, life affords you choices and opportunities to do great things. Great good to help the world is always within your grasp but you also have the choice of greatly negative decisions that will decimate the positive progress of the world around you as well. It is not that we are inherently good or bad. Imagine a criminal on death row and go as far back as the moment of their birth. They were once an innocent fledgling, bereft of the knowledge of good and evil, yet they grew to cause pain to the world. It was a choice, not a birth defect, to use their abilities for evil ends. We all are born with this freedom of will and what we do with that freedom has lasting effects.
We have an innate sense of right and wrong but this issue also becomes a debate between nature versus nurture. What we learn from our upbringing and what we see in others we encounter throughout life can steer us in so many confusing directions we may become dizzy with conflict. When we see love and kindness we come to appreciate it's beauty but when we see awful atrocities befall our loved ones we then have the choice to beget these crimes or rise above the influence.
We each are original, not merely carbon copies of our ancestors. Nepotism only goes so far and then we must strive to live our own lives in our own way. Creativity in all manner and aspect of living, whether it be to eat a hot dog with relish or create a work of art far greater than the Mona Lisa, is ours to do with as we see fit. However, to succeed in this endeavor we must be certain we will not befall the sway of societal dogma to do what is right for us. This requires a sense of confidence we must nurture within ourselves every single day of our lives.
There will come times when emotions will drive us and other times when wisdom and knowledge will keep us on the right track. We must learn to utilize these together to benefit the most from what we do in life. Self control is essentially crucial in life. But stay determined to see through each task to completion or we will all lose sight of right.
When others see you do what is right they learn, just as we learned from those we encountered every step of the way. Everyone has something to bring to the table of your existence, as do you to theirs. When we see obstacles and feel ourselves up against insurmountable odds we must visualize these walls falling before us to open the path to new sights and experiences. Its all about perception. What we believe comes to be for the power of the mind is quite fierce.
We must be strong and secure in our abilities to do the very best we can if we are to have any forward momentum in this world. A little imagination goes a long way and can teach us things about ourselves we never imagined possible.
This is the true nature of magic. It is not the curved green nose of a witch from oz or the hokus pokus mumbo jumbo of Hollywood falsity. It lies within us all, the power to do what we can when it is called for to help, or at times hinder, the world around us. Be the change we wish to see in the world and others just might start to notice the trend. After all, bell-bottoms were so popular for so long all because of that very first stitch.