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Freedom of Religion & Freedom of Worship

Today (06/30) the Supreme Court of the United States rendered a verdict in the case of Hobby Lobby et. al. While the decision was not comprehensive it did strike a blow for the Freedom of Religion.

I want to distinguish between the Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Worship.

The Freedom of Religion, protected by the First Amendment, guarantees the free exercise of religious conviction in The Marketplace as well as in the privacy of a church, school or private home.

The Freedom of Worship is an entirely different matter. That simply means that the Market Place is off limits for such expressions. This language was used by Hitler and Stalin to suppress and deny the Freedom of Religion in Germany and Russia. Millions lost their lives as a result of the capitulation of such deception by Pastors and the church. The time to rise up against such distortion of language is at the first moment it is spoken.

Both the current occupant of the Oval Office and the former Secretary of State who wants to occupy that office use ‘Freedom of Worship’ in their speeches. Lies pure and simple. The distinction is subtle but very important. To ignore this distortion of language will be fatal to genuine religious freedom.

The mantra is ‘them that has the gold makes the rules’. Applied in this matter, ‘them that define the terms determine the outcome.’ Let freedom ring. Give me liberty or give me death. Read the address Solzhenitsyn delivered in 1976 at Harvard. Priceless!

I issue a call to all Pastors to rally against this distortion. Teach your people this distinction. Teach the historical consequences of acquiescence to such nonsense. Proclaim with all authority the Truth. Pray earnestly. Prepare to suffer. Never ever give up!

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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