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Freedom: New York style; Nevada style, and Tea Party style

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So; New Yorkers are all excited because the state legislature voted to recognize same-sex marriage, making New York the sixth and most populous state to legalize same-sex marriage.

Some say it’s a boon for freedom. Whatever your view on same-sex marriage, I find it hard to celebrate the “freedom” of same-sex couples to marry in a state with a city of the same name which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, including some of the highest permit fees; a state which is home to the oldest and largest manufacturer of firearms and ammo, Remington, now under fire by state legislators who want to implement “microstamping” in New York – which will jeopardize both jobs and freedom; a state with the first city in the nation to ban trans fats in restaurants, which also has a smoking ban in bars and restaurants – both major attacks on personal freedom.

It reminds me of the movie, Demolition Man, with Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock. Long story short; some European-style socialist elitist sets up a “utopia” in the greater Los Angeles area where he bans smoking, salt, trans fats, and even touching. Those who refuse to participate in the social experiment are driven underground where they reside in sewers and tunnels. The only people with any true freedom are the one’s living underground, who still own firearms and eat rat burgers grilled.

Well, New Yorkers can always look forward to that….


Here in Nevada, we are anxiously awaiting the decision by the Nevada Supreme Court as to the special election for Congressional District 2. The Nevada Republican Party central committee nominated former state Senator Mark Amodei to be the official Republican candidate in the special election. The Nevada Democratic Party threw its support behind state Treasury Secretary Kate Marshall.

The special election became necessary, according to an article published online by the Nevada News Bureau, after Gov. Brian Sandoval appointed Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) to the U.S. Senate to replace Republican Sen. John Ensign, who resigned in May under scrutiny.

Secretary of State Ross Miller announced that the CD2 special election will be open to all candidates. The Nevada Republican Party sued the state over that decision, accusing Miller of misunderstanding the state rules.

Initially, the Nevada GOP intended to nominate Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki (R), who later removed himself from the special election, but sided with the GOP in a Fox5 report, “Voters rely on parties to vet candidates and put their best choice forward.” “Krolicki continued, “Robbing voters of that knowledge, and the political parties of that process, seems shortsighted.”

Whichever way the court rules; the ideology behind both arguments is worth contemplating. On the one hand; having the central committees of both political Parties nominating a candidate narrows the field of choices. It gives voters the opportunity to vote for the candidate each Party believes best represents that Party’s platform and agenda. And, not to rudely discount the independent candidates, it strengthens the votes for the two candidates of the major political Parties by not diluting the pool of choices.

On the other hand; this is a representative form of government and it hardly seems fair that a central committee with 300-400 delegates gets to nominate a candidate for the rest of us. No one from the Nevada Republican Party central committee asked me my opinion. Unless you were a delegate in Sparks, I bet no one asked you your opinion either, dear reader. In my humble opinion, the truly American way would be a free-for-all election, or as Miller calls it, a ballot royale. The downside, of course, is that the candidate pool is then overwhelming, and the other candidates can act as a spoiler, throwing all the votes to the major contender of one of the Parties. In the case of the Nevada GOP, fear is that a free-for-all will empower Democrats who, it is believed, will rally behind Marshall, taking a primarily Republican seat away from the GOP.

If the court rules with the Nevada Republican Party, there will definitely be a good fight coming in 2012 for CD2, when the seat comes up again. Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold, whom I interviewed recently for an upcoming profile, is gearing up and ready to challenge Amodei, should Amodei win in the special election.


Lastly, as a follow up to my internet broadcast last week on The Freedom Hour, where I ranted about Republicans and RINOs and the Tea Party; let me just vent a moment about what the Tea Party stands for, and why it is not a branch of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party is a coalition of Americans fed up with big government tactics, specifically related to finances. In 2009, tea partiers could be seen carrying signs that read, Taxed Enough Already. According to; the Tea Party movement is a grassroots movement that joins Americans together to stand up against out-of-control government that has created unsustainable trillion-dollar deficits and a national debt which rivals the Gross Domestic Product.

The Tea Party is made up of Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Conservative Democrats. Anyone can be a member of the Tea Party. states the movement is for folks who share similar core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as; limited federal government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, free markets, and a return of political power to the states and the citizens. Sounds a lot like what the Republican Party is supposed to be about.

Tea Party Patriots state their mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with three core values; fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. They were born out of excessive government spending and taxation.

Although the majority of candidates Tea Party folks seems to support are Republican, it is not the status-quo career politician that gets Tea Party support. Locally, it is citizens like Senator Elizabeth Halseth who get Tea Party support, and nationally; folks like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. The problem with establishment Republicans is that they seem entrenched in the system and unwilling to make real change; afraid to stand up and say what really needs to be said, and afraid to do what really needs to be done.

Sadly, the Republican Party appears not to be listening. I urge the Nevada Republican Party, as well as Republicans nationally, to heed the advice the Tea Party is offering, by sticking with issues which unite us, not divide us. When the Republican Party remembers its roots, so similar to the Tea Party foundation; limited federal government (no Federal Marriage Amendment, no more Department of Education, an end to czars), fiscal responsibility (major overhaul of Social Security and Medicare – popular or not), and free markets (the private sector needs to create jobs, not the public sector, and with only enough oversight to keep us safe) then the Republican Party will win back the hearts and minds of Americans.

Republicans – relinquish control and let the Tea Party lead this dance.




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