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Freedom for the future

I often wonder what kind of a world I’m leaving for my children. When I talk with my liberal “friends’ about it, they immediately react by spouting off something about the “cleaner environment,” the “protection of the baby whales,” and “free, universal healthcare.” As a result I wonder how we ever got to be friends. Be that as it may, more particularly I wonder about our lack of freedom while we blithely maintain we live in a free country.

Although our Constitution guarantees certain freedoms, including freedom of speech, we live in an environment where we find ourselves constantly on guard about what we say on the off chance we might offend someone, especially in the political arena. The First Amendment no longer matters, even though the Founding Fathers wrote it specifically to protect political speech. They wanted people to speak their minds freely, but little by little, laws and regulations have reduced our thoughts, words, and deeds to those deemed politically correct. Heaven forbid we should offend someone’s poor little political sensibilities; attack their ideology; or reveal why their policies don’t or won’t work.

The Framers of our Constitution wanted a Federal government with limited powers; one that protected individual rights; a representative government that derived its power from the consent of the governed. Instead, over the years we have allowed an overbearing, overinflated, overly powerful, intrusive monster to take power in Washington, D.C. We have a government that decides what light bulbs, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashing detergents we use. The socialistic-progressive “do-gooders” have taken it upon themselves to “fundamentally change the relationship between the government and the people” and mandate that we buy health insurance, whether we want it or not. They have redefined marriage, human life, and the free exercise of religion. This is not the America I was born into, nor the one I wish to leave my progeny.

I want freedom once again. I want the freedom to choose for myself; to make my own mistakes; to achieve my own successes. I don’t want Big Brother looking over my shoulder to make sure I screw in the right light bulbs or load up my dishwasher with the latest, politically correct, eco-friendly dish detergent that doesn’t get my dishes clean. I want the freedom to stand in a moment of silence at my high school football game without fear that the religious police will come around like a gang of Keystone Cops to round everyone up for uttering the unthinkable thought that God exists. I want the freedom to say exactly what I think about policy without fear that the men in the black suits will show up on my doorstep in the middle of the night. More importantly, I want these things for my children, my grandchildren, and yours.

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