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Freedom and liberty or government control?

Rep. John Dingell
Rep. John Dingell
Associated Press

Out to dinner yesterday evening I stumbled across a newspaper of some worth. This newspaper, titled “the little newspaper” (title in lower case by design), is an excellent publication that offers information on upcoming events, goings on, and local business advertisement in the downriver area. It is highly recommended for local area residents.

Offered in “the little newspaper” was an interesting comment made by our illustrious representative, John Dingell, where he mentioned our Founding Fathers in his comments about the recently passed “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (H.R.4872). The paper shares Dingell’s words: “Our forefathers embraced the idea of America as a ‘beacon’ of freedom and liberty.”

“It takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” (Emphasis added) These are also the words of Rep. Dingell that have recently rippled across the land.

Clearly Mr. Dingell is a man of some contradiction as he cannot realistically believe that our “forefathers”, who founded a country rooted in the idea of a limited government, and its associated freedom, desired one that would “control the people.” Dingell can’t have it both ways. Either he favors a government that “controls the people” or he favors one that enhances “freedom and liberty.”

Based on his position as the longest serving member of the House of Representatives and his boast of introducing a bill each year that would lead to government controlled universal health care, the desires of his heart couldn’t be clearer. Being a typical Democrat, Dingell sincerely desires to control every aspect of your life.

The left-leaning New York Post reports of the potentiality an expansion of the IRS by some 16,000 additional agents to implement the forced compliance with the provisions found in the new law. You must pay for a health care policy whether or not you can afford it, or pay a fine to be levied through the IRS.

The new law provides for tax credits for obedience, and as with all tax credits, you must pony up the cash first. It’s been argued in the past by some that tax credits are a method of behavior control like rats in a laboratory experiment; if you press the right lever you get a morsel of food. If you spend your money like the government instructs you’ll get a morsel of benefit. Only those who have the “up front” cash will enjoy the credits and be exempt from fines. Others may very well be jailed for non-compliance.

You’ve been forced to finance the Ponzi scheme of Social Security which is now in the red. You’ve been forced to finance Medicare which is now several orders of magnitude more expensive than we were first led to believe. Now we’re being forced to finance an abomination which is sure to become a single payer, universal health care entitlement which has treatment rationing written into the fine print.

In November, you, the good people of Wayne County, will be faced with a choice and that choice boils down to whether you want liberty, or government control of your life. More bluntly, do you want freedom or do you want to be enslaved to an oppressive government whose slimy tentacles are worming their way through every aspect of your life?

John Dingell, who favors government control of the people, is up for re-election this year and your future rests in how you choose to vote. The choice is still yours for now, so for freedom’s sake, choose wisely.


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