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What is your definition of freedom? People all have their own definitions of freedom. In the 1828 Noah Webster dictionary, the definition is: a state of exemption from the power or control of another. The second definition is "liberty", and the third definition is exemption from slavery.

Most people will agree with these definitions, but ask them if they think they are free and you will get many answers. It depends on what you consider "big government." I think there is far too much government. The government has grown too large. The intent of the founders was to go to congress, take care of business and then come back home and live under the laws they passed.

Todey we have a political class. Professional politicians whose main business is to get re-elected. While they are in Washington, they believe it is their duty to pass more laws, create more regulations and increase taxes to pay for all their largesse. Every time they pass another bill, you lose a litttle more of your freedom.

This happens at the state and local levels. Even the local school board takes away some of your future freedom when they fail to make sure students learn not only the Constitution, but the pronciples upon which it was founded.

If our students don't know what freedoms they are given by God and our Constitution, then they will never know what they lost. They will only know what they lost. They will only know what the government will give them.

Do you want to be a doctor? A lawyer? A policeman? A small business owner? Do YOU want to make that choice or do you want the government to decide that for you?

Are you as free as you used to be 20 years ago? 10 years ago? Will your children and grandchildren inherit that same freedom? Get involved with your local government. Take back your freedoms by participating. Run for local precinct committeeman. Run for your local school board. Change what your children are being taught. They are not being taught about freedom. YOU can change that!

Freedom is the capacity for self determination. There is a desire of freedom written in every human heart. Freedom is the absence of restraints on our ability to think and act.

The only thing we should want and expect from our government is FREEDOM!

We are still free to restore our freedom, but only if you ACT NOW!


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