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Free2Walk for a great cause - human lives

not for sale campaign
not for sale campaign
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On Saturday, April 24 Friedens United Church of Christ will be hosting the Free2Walk 3-Mile Run/Walk to benefit the Not for Sale Campaign.

Not for Sale is a campaign of individuals united to fight global human trafficking. Today, 27 million people are enslaved world-wide. Not for Sale combats this slavery, as well as the human trafficking that feeds these enslavements, through innovative solutions and "Smart Activism". Through communication and the generating of ideas, Not for Sale hopes to spread the word that slavery still exists in modern times.

The Free2Walk run/walk will take place on Indianapolis' south-side, beginning and ending at Friedens United Church of Christ on South Meridian. This year's walk will be sponsored by U-ACT, a local grassroots organization working for this important cause.

Organizers of the Free2Walk run/walk are asking for a $27 minimum donation. Families are welcome with no additional donation required. Registration will open at 9:00 AM on April 24th, with the run/walk beginning at 9:30 AM. Refreshments and Not for Sale information will be provided. All donations are tax deductible.

For registration information, please contact Sarah Haas at 317.881.6779 or