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Free zoo day in Atlanta this weekend: Family day for Fulton County residents

Free zoo day has arrived in Atlanta and if you have not been to this awesome attraction, this weekend is the time to take the family. If you live or work in the city of Atlanta or work for the Fulton County Government, you can get in for free along with one other adult and four children at Zoo Atlanta on Aug. 16 or 17.

Visit these unique bears on your free visit this weekend to Zoo Atlanta

This is one the best ways to end the summer and you can’t beat the price. Zoo lovers of all ages can enjoy this free day in the sun with Atlanta’s oldest attraction. Since 1889 animal lovers have enjoyed this ever changing, nationally recognized zoo.


  • Mammals: Zoo Atlanta has more than 40 of these wonderful creatures and are very unique. While enjoying your free day your family can see animals like the Malayan sun bear. What makes these bears so unique is the yellow marking on their chests. Another incredible must see animal at this zoo is the endangered red panda. You will probably find these sleeping in a tree.
  • Reptiles: Your family can see more than 100 of these creatures while visiting Zoo Atlanta. Some of these include vipers, pythons, and the endangered Komodo dragon.
  • Amphibians: Another incredible site to see during your free family day is the frog exhibit. There are more than 20 to see and according to Zoo Atlanta, about a third of the population are endangered.
  • Birds: A free trip to Zoo Atlanta would not be complete without seeing the more than 50 birds that this incredible zoo has to offer. The bali mynah is listed as critically endangered and only about 1000 of these beautiful birds are believed to exist in the wild and in captivity combined.


  • Carnivorous plants: This exhibit is a must see on your free family zoo day even if you are not a plant lover. These plants can actually catch and eat their prey.
  • Endangered plants: The pitcher plant, found in Georgia, is considered an endangered species.

So whether you enjoy animals or plants, this unique opportunity to experience Atlanta’s oldest cultural establishment is right at your fingertips. Take a stroll this weekend through Zoo Atlanta and enjoy an awesome fun filled family day for free!

Call 404-624-5600 for information or directions.

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