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Free yoga and take it anywhere



We all have one. Maybe it’s cotton, silk, or burlap. How heavy it has become hanging over the shoulder. Maybe you have forgotten about it, it could have been given to you. It’s unwanted and now is the time to set it down.

Set your bag down

Yoga literally means “union,” or integration of mind and body disciplines. Hatha yoga, the physical form of yoga, brings your mind into the present moment, while involving low-level muscular activity coupled with mental focus on muscle and movement. Breathing is weaved into each movement as your body moves in a rhythmic, anatomically correct pose. Simply energy-centric.
Yep, that’s a word.

Cast your stones away
Yoga is more than just contemplating physical fitness; you become physical fit and know it! Mindful exercise relies on self-monitoring of perceived effort, breathing, and nonjudgmental self awareness.

Lessen the load
Yoga when taught appropriately and individually can assist in the management of many chronic diseases. Multiple research-supported outcomes and benefits of yoga are listed by the American Council of Exercise Fitness. To name a few, yoga participants have eased arthritis, asthma, low-back pain, postural problems, reduced insomnia, and decreased anxiety and depression scores. Further research and information can be found at The International Association of Yoga Therapy  based in California.  And, probably the largest and most dedicated research is done by the  Kaivalyahama Yoga Institute located in India.

Om… what are you waiting for.

Free and It’s Weightless
Thanks to yoga’s relatively safe and low-impact workout, it transcends age, gender, and fitness level. Now, it is more affordable and accessible than ever when you go to You will be able to download any type of yoga session customized by: intensity, length, focus, instructors, and levels. It’s the closest thing to a yoga class but you choose the time and place. You can download a session to your computer or I pod and take yoga anywhere. Also, print out a handy pose guide to accompany your yoga session. offers a yoga bag full of free yoga sessions. Don’t pick it up, download one today.


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