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Free Xbox One game to fans? Microsoft offers great deal to gamers

The idea of getting a free Xbox One game of a gamers choice is worthy of paying attention to Microsoft’s latest promotion The computer giant knows that some people are still on the fence when it comes to picking up a $60 game and a new console so they are offering up an incentive to do both. According to Tech Crunch on Thursday, every Xbox One console bought at a retailer comes with an Xbox One game of your choosing.

Purchasing some of the best game currently available might be a bit pricy, but with this deal you could save $60 right off the bat. Plus, if you find the Xbox One consoles that offer the free Madden 15 game, you save another $60 dollars and you haven’t even left the store.

The site CNET is reporting on Thursday that the reason for the generous offer from Microsoft has to do with the stiff competition from Sony. The gamers are going to need to make a decision on what console to purchase and getting them hooked at the beginning makes Microsoft have a sight advantage. Adding all the games offers up great discounts too.

Microsoft isn’t giving away the games for long. The promotion is only good from September 7th to September 13th and there is some fine print. No previously order games can be offered as free and other small details to make sure the transaction is within the time frame allowed.

With all the great deals going on for gamers, it makes people wonder if it is time to call in sick for a few days and give some serious attention to the new game titles.

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