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Free-world flinch test on Russian invasion

The AP and Times of India report this morning that the “top world players” are meeting in Paris to defuse the Ukraine crisis.” That cannot be accomplished in Paris because the violators are in Russia and occupying the Ukraine. Push has come to a matter of shove back.

Merkel and Obama key players in determining strategy to deal with Russia

What is meant is that the world leaders are meeting to discuss what they can agree upon about a response. A fragmented response with some key players as holdouts will only embolden the Russians who have violated international law.

One key issue is the degree to which Europeans are dependent upon Russian fossil fuels. Another is the degree to which Europeans believe that Putin’s actions portend what he may intend for other former USSR states. It also depends upon how fed up the EU is with Russia’s interfering with resolving the Syrian crisis, for instance.

Russia has come clearly out of the closet as being a rogue nation and not a civilized G8 partner. So, now we shall see how the free-world responds to a deviant Russia. Iran, North Korea, China and others are watching.

“Top world players converge on Paris to defuse Ukraine crisis
AP | Mar 5, 2014, 03.29 PM IST

PARIS: Top diplomats from the major players trying to find an end to the crisis in Ukraine are gathering in Paris on Wednesday as tensions simmered over the Russian military takeover of the strategic Crimean Peninsula.

The envoys from Russia, Ukraine, the US, Britain and France are not necessarily all at the same table, but French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said everyone has been working non-stop for a diplomatic solution over tensions in Ukraine.

"We have a principle of firmness but at the same time of searching for dialogue," Fabius said as he stood alongside his Ukrainian counterpart, making his first trip abroad in the new post.

Russia took over Crimea on Saturday, placing troops around its ferry, military bases and border posts.”

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