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Free weekend replays available for The Art of Love Relationship Series

Dr. John Gray
Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

Philly singles and singles everywhere are lucky to be able to access all of the 2014 Art of Love Relationship Series webinars at no cost beginning at 5pm Pacific on Friday, April 11.

Sign up now and have access to discover the 7 keys to deeper connection and lasting love. You can register here to begin your journey to love.

Your journey and discovery of the 7 keys will include information from renowned relationship experts and has been coordinated by Arielle Ford. Arielle met her husband Brian when she was in her 40's, so remember it is never to late to find love.

If you are already in a relationship, these experts will provide some tips to improve communication and how to deal with common issues encountered while in a relationship.

What have you got to lose? Why not sign up right now and listen while in your car, while cleaning, while walking in the park, etc. Listen at your convenience for this weekend. You just might pick up a tip or two to help you navigate the love maze.

Here's what you'll have access to:

Key 1: Improving Your Communication Skills

  • Alison Armstrong
  • Dr. Diana Kirschner
  • David Essel

Key 2: Ending Blame, Judgment and Criticism

  • Annie Lalla & Eben Pagan
  • Jacqueline Green
  • Dr. Laura Markham
  • Dr. Jenn Berman
  • Harville Hendrix, PhD & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
  • Gina DeVee
  • Jordan Goodman
  • Dr. Jackie Black

Key 3: Deepening Intimacy and Connection

  • Nick Ortner
  • Dr. Ken Druck
  • Christine Arylo
  • Ocean & Michele Robbins

Key 4: Having Soulful, Satisfying Sex

  • Dr. Jenn Berman
  • Reid Mihalko
  • Charlotte Rose
  • Dr. Tammy Nelson

Key 5: Healing Betrayal and Restoring Trust

  • Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT
  • Drs. Gay & Katie Hendricks
  • Dr. John Gray

Key 6: Creating Authentic Partnership

  • Alison Armstrong
  • Dr. Sheri Meyers
  • Evan Marc Katz
  • Al Watts
  • Craig Hamilton & Claire Zammit, PhD(c)

Key 7: Having Play, Fun and Friendship in your relationship

  • Lisa Nichols
  • SARK & Dr. John Waddell
  • Dr. Terri Orbuch
  • Carol Allen

You’ll have access to every single Art of Love Relationship Series seminar, plus 8 Inspiring Couples and 8 Love Masters, too—starting at 5 pm Pacific on Friday, April 11, until Midnight Pacific on Sunday, April 13.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the replays,


PS: No worries if you read this after the series. This link will take you to the page where you can obtain information on the series and purchasing options available via the affiliate link.

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